Video Production & Photography for Auto Parts Firm

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5 Stars

"Although they listened to our input, they were innovative and were able to create a fantastic product."

Advance Auto Parts
VP of Professional & Product Marketing
Raleigh, NC
Retail & Automotive
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Date of Project
September 18, 2020
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"ALCHEMYcreative provided branding support to display an auto parts company’s transformation. They filmed and produced a video and supplied still photography for the project."


"I am the VP of professional and product marketing with Advance Auto Parts, based in Raleigh, North Carolina. We have various banners like Carquest Auto Parts, Autopart International and WORLDPAC."


"Using digital technology to provide a seamless engagement with our customers, the B2B side of our company was developing very quickly. We wanted to show how these changes make it easier for our customers to do business with us and how this was enabled through the expertise and value propositions from our varying banners. Still, we needed to present a united message and strategy over all of our platforms. It was important to us that the video resonated with internal people, but also could be used to reach out to strategic customers."


"ALCHEMYcreative developed a short video. They also did some still photography to capture the essence of our professional customers and articulate key parts of our transformation. Before beginning the work, they asked smart questions and came back to us with relevant ideas. They visited several of our customers and stores in an unobtrusive way to create strategies for the video. They incorporated our feedback and went through rounds of proofing to add our insight. From there, they shot all the footage for us and put together the final video."

What is the team composition?

"We worked with a team of four people, including the director and the producer."

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

"We showed the video at a company-wide meeting, and it created a tremendous amount of excitement within our organization and with the board of directors. The video clearly showcases the breadth of the work we’ve done and how it will impact the future of our business. Despite the fact that the video was about an auto parts company, it was emotional and people were clearly moved.

We also used the video to leverage customers, who have all been amazed by the film. Now they see us as a company that is modern, technologically-based and is reflective of the vehicles that are on the road today. The video demonstrates the level of expertise that we have and the technology that we have available, indicating that we are ready for the future."

How did you come to work with ALCHEMYcreative?

"We saw another video that they had worked on, and it was professional and inspiring. We tried something similar with our in-house team, but that project stalled. We reached out to ALCHEMYcreative because we really wanted the same emotional impact that was in the video they made for another company."

How did ALCHEMYcreative perform from a project management standpoint?

"They were some of the best project managers that I’ve worked with. We primarily spoke through phone, email, and texts. They outlined realistic timelines, and never missed a deadline. Even when we presented them with a last-minute request from our EVP, they shot additional footage. Additionally, they showed initiative throughout the project."

"Their team was very engaged with us, and they asked a lot of questions during their process. It was clear that they absorbed a lot of what we said and understood our business and customers. While they focused on the specific things that we asked for, they brought their own ideas to the table, and kept in mind how something would impact the mission of the project."

How much have you invested with them?

"We spent between $300,000—$500,000 with them. We did go over our budget, but it was because of the changes that we needed to make. In comparison, a previous partner was more expensive and wasn’t able to deliver the same value that we received from ALCHEMYcreative."

What is the status of this engagement?

"We worked together from October 2018—January 2019."

What did you find most impressive about them?

We appreciated that they were down to earth despite their creative talent. Although they listened to our input, they were innovative and were able to create a fantastic product.  We were lucky to connect with them. They’re really good at what they do and obviously are very passionate.

Are there any areas they could improve?

I do not think I can come up with anything for them to improve on. I speak not just for myself, but for the whole team when I say that we were really happy to work with them.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

Be open and listen to their perspective. They can take the vision you have and expand it with their ideas.

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