Animated Video Production for SaaS Company

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5 Stars

"We were impressed with their ability to understand what we do, simplify it, and elevate it visually."

Velocity Global
Head of Product Marketing
Denver, CO
Project Budget
$50,000 to $199,999
Date of Project
September 17, 2020
Number of Employees

"ALCHEMYcreative produced a sizzle video featuring a SaaS company's cloud-based technology. They delivered a one-minute animated video that included shots of the client's live platform."


"Velocity Global provides an intuitive and safe platform where employers and talent connect. The platform consists of our proprietary technology, global infrastructure in more than 185 countries, and various workforce solutions. At Velocity Global, I lead the product marketing team where we mine deep customer insights, build go-to-market strategies and shepherd our product solutions."


"We hired ALCHEMYcreative to produce a short sizzle video for our cloud-based technology. Our goals were to introduce and generate excitement around our new technology while grounding it in customer need and value extended."


The final deliverable consisted of a 1-minute animated video that included shots of our live platform. ALCHEMYcreative was able to frame the problem encountered by our users and position our technology as the solution. We had an account manager who I worked with primarily on the administrative and financial details. I then worked closely with our lead project manager who first kicked off our project, elicited a thoughtful creative brief from our team, used that to create initial storyboards and illustrations, and then moved to animation after Velocity Global review. This video was used in multiple tradeshows, embedded on our technology page, and shared internally to elicit excitement. The video currently has the highest number of views of any video previously produced by Velocity Global."

How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

"After interviewing several video production companies, we selected ALCHEMYcreative because of their extensive and impressive animated video portfolio - particularly for SaaS companies. Another reason was their clear articulation of their creative process and their excitement to collaborate with our in-house creative team."

Who did you work with and what was the feedback process like?

"We worked with our principal project manager and the feedback process was smooth at each step. The process was frictionless because, in our kickoff meeting, we aligned and adhered to the agreement that Velocity Global would ensure all decision-makers would get their full and complete feedback submitted during the official review sprints. In this way, we stuck to the timelines and were able to move in lock-step with the creative brief. In terms of actual feedback, there was the right amount of challenge from the ALCHEMYcreative team with solid reasoning for some of our thoughts. We wanted a video partner who would feel free and confident enough to push back as needed and use their expertise to help guide us in the right direction."

Describe ALCHEMY's project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

"Frequent and thorough communication is the hallmark of ALCHEMYcreative. You're never left wondering whether your project is still on track or whether your question was seen. They used common review tools in which we connected such as and email communication was frequent."

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

"Though the concept of what Velocity Global offers is a seemingly easy one, it may be more difficult to digest and share visually. We were impressed with their ability to understand what we do, simplify it, and elevate it visually - all at the same time. I've worked with a number of video production agencies within the CPG world and retail and ALCHEMYcreative is unique in its ability to do this."

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

"No, there's nothing I would have wanted them to do differently."

How would you describe the cost vs. quality and overall value?

"Compared to similar high-end agencies, we found ALCHEMYcreative to be affordable for the high-end work that they produce. Our UI designers internally have reached out to me personally to say that they're inspired by this work."

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