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A look a how we shot the epic hype video for the X-Games.

In 2012, we released a high impact video for Silicon Valley tech company Boosted Boards. The video promoted Boosted’s new premium line of “Dual Plus” electric longboards which launched earlier this year.

We were really stoked to be working with Boosted again! Since producing Boosted’s 2012 Kickstarter video which helped the company reach their funding goal in less than 24 hours, we’ve had the privilege of seeing the Boosted brand mature from a small startup into a leader in the world of lightweight, electric transportation.

Our creative team worked closely with the team at Boosted to develop a strategy that focuses on the adventure of riding.

“Initially, some people don’t know why they need an electric longboard,” ALCHEMY creative director Trevor Gavin says. “But it’s a totally different feeling once you try it out. When you ride one of these boards, it gives you an immediate sense of joy. Our mission was to bring that feeling to life and make people think, ‘I need to have that!’”

With that in mind, our challenge was to raise awareness and demonstrate the board’s fun and functionality to people who may not have the option to immediately get on one for a test ride.

“We’ve adopted a more youthful look and feel this time around,” Trevor says. “Even though our target audience is a bit older, a lot of 30 or 40 year-olds will say they still feel like a teen, so having an aspirational quality was important.”

The idea of having fun on an electric longboard is not a new mindset for the crew here at ALCHEMY. As director/DP Nathan Henry puts it, “These boards appeal to that thrill- seeking side we all have.”

We set out to create a ‘mixed media’ video, combining cinematic footage with user generated content that would be more representative of the brand in addition to showing the board’s actual use cases.

All of the primary photography was shot in San Francisco using the RED Dragon, Go Pro, Canon 1DC and the DJI Ronin, while other UGC was brought in from Hawaii, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

Over the years we’ve found that in addition to the thrill of riding one, there are other benefits of having a boosted board on the set of a shoot.

“We’ve been using skateboards to film things for a long time, and as soon as we set foot on one of these boards we immediately saw their potential for use in production,” Nathan says. “Using an electric board for rapid moving shots allows us to capture footage we otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.”

It’s true that using these boards sets us apart from other production houses and our clients remember us by it. Over time they’ve become an essential piece to our film production package… plus it’s fun to take them for a spin from time to time between shots.

Watch the full Boosted Boards’ Skate Electric video here:

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