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“Facing inherent danger regularly teaches you to live life without fear.”

What drives motorcycle riders to drop everything to get on the road?

To take the long way home or to spend whole days tweaking and tuning their bikes? “Why I Ride” profiles riders from every corner of America to learn what it is about being on two wheels that keeps them coming back for more.

Matthew Work

Matt loves motorcycles. He started riding on his girlfriend’s farm in high school. Her brother was away at college in Berkeley but left his 1978 Ducati 900GT in the garage. The image of that bike was etched into his brain. Motorcycling has shaped his life ever since: where he lives, what he does, how he wastes his time and the people he chooses to spend time with.

Matt finds refuge in motorcycling from all of the other strains of modern day life. Understanding them, maintaining them. Appreciating the engineering and design. To him, riding is a form of meditation and sport at the same time: “Facing the inherent danger regularly teaches you to live life without fear. Connecting with the bike, the road and the elements is something we never get to do behind our keyboards.”

His lifelong obsession has culminated in a collection, a community and a dream garage in San Francisco.

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