Re-editing a broadcast spot for COVID messaging

Trevor Gavin
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Trevor Gavin
Partner | Creative Director

Take a look at how we quickly re-edited a broadcast spot to achieve a COVID-19 specific message using post-production.

In 2018, we developed and produced Keen's "Find Your Clarity" broadcast campaign, which was their first TV campaign in nearly 10 years. Both spots of which have been highly successful in driving new customer acquisitions, retention, and brand recognition amongst Keen's competitors.

Nearly everyone in the world has been feeling one or a combination of these emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic: confusion, isolation, uncertainty, discomfort about the future, and a need for spiritual or emotional support. So in an effort to provide Keen with a solution to creating a timely, cost friendly message to broadcast, we began digging back through transcripts from our 2018 efforts – which revealed a compassionate narrative and CTA that feels more like 2020 than 2018.

In less than 2 weeks, "Find Clarity in Uncertain Times" was delivered and is being broadcast around the US. Have a look for yourself below and see how we reshaped the narrative and footage compared to our 2018 efforts.

"Find Your Clarity in Uncertain Times" (2020)

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