Storytelling in Overwhelmingly Cinematic Environments

January 10, 2019

An approach to documenting unique people and places.

Fujifilm GFX 50S

January 8, 2019

Medium Format Digital: A Portable Powerhouse

BTS: The Renovo Coupe

January 6, 2019

The Industry Standard OS for Autonomous Vehicles.

Photographic portraits pulled from 5k video

January 1, 2019

Our attempt to showcase our connection to the people we met in Marfa and start a conversation around the future of photographic elements coming from high quality filmmaking.

Leslie Padoll, Harley Adventurer

October 6, 2018

What drives motorcycle riders to drop everything to get on the road? To take the long way home or to spend whole days tweaking and tuning their bikes?

Passion at Work

July 14, 2018

“Facing inherent danger regularly teaches you to live life without fear.”

Boosted Behind The Scenes

May 2, 2018

A look a how we shot the epic hype video for the X-Games.

Triumph Over Racism

January 12, 2018

“I can’t change me. I wouldn’t if I could.”

Road To Recovery

January 31, 2016

This is a very personal story I'd like to share during my darkest time. It’s a part of my healing and a part of moving on.