Inspiring Possibility

The Ask: Develop video creative and produce a hero video, with multiple cutdowns, that showcases how Akamai’s Connected Cloud makes them unique in that they offer cloud and edge computing and industry leading security solutions on the same network. Created for distribution on CTV/OTT; social media channels; ​​programmatic display/video and Akamai's website.

The Creative: The intent of our video was to educate and inspire our core audience. Akamai experts help bring the power of the Akamai Connected Cloud to life by speaking to how rapid iteration and development in the cloud, coupled with the ability to instantaneously deliver that content anywhere in the world, will drive the next wave of innovation. Futurist Jason Silva, keeps our tech narrative connected to humanity and exudes authenticity, passion and a call to action. By blending cinematic imagery with mixed-media motion graphics, we evoke emotion and captivate our audience visually. Sound enriches the experience, punctuating moments and guiding viewers through our story. Together, these elements create a dynamic synergy that brings our narrative to life.

The Results: This video celebrates the customer and their relentless pursuit of innovation. "Inspiring Possibility" educates the audience on how Akamai brings its planetary scale and unwavering reliability to the cloud, so you can build, secure, and instantly deploy the next wave of innovation. It challenges viewers to take on that next invention that is possible through Akamai. "What will you build next”?

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